Monday, March 24, 2008

what a blessing!

Today I studied for the majority of the day. I spent my time secluding myself on the 3rd floor of the IPFW library reading and battling it out with my study guide. I have found that I can write fairly legibly when I use my left hand to steady my right. It is slow, but it will work until my right hand is back to 100%. When I was walking back to my car I stopped to enjoy the beauty of the day. I love me a good sky.

So, I have more good news. I requested a note taker for my psychology class and she contacted me today. She seems to be on top of the ball and I am thankful of this. Seems very intelligent, "complete assumption" but I have rather good emotional intelligence which just so happens to be a concept that will be on my exam tomorrow. I would just like to throw out an idea. I think it would be really neat, if I could go to school at Bethel in Mishawaka, IN. I think that in the upcoming week('s) I am going to ask my friend Kyle if I could come and stay with him for a weekend to check it out. I just really like the idea of a Christian atmosphere, and I think that having a Christian education will help me to go where I would like to go in life. I don't think it's necessary, and heck I don't even know if it is realistic at this point. Like I said, I am just throwing this out there.

I forgot to do my devotional this morning. I suppose I had a lot on my mind because of the study material I was about to indulge in. Or maybe that is just an easy excuse for not being disciplined. As soon as I am done writing, I am going to go do it and hope I can get done before the Lunesta kicks in.

I know I am gaining strength in my right hand. My leg is still weak, but the hand is much better. I am watchful of one thing particularity though. I am going to stay ever vigilant when it comes to "depression." I have been feeling down lately, and I just know that was a common side effect with all other M/S care therapies I have been on. It's just not like me to be very introverted and well....sad. I got so down yesterday evening, you can see it in my post. Part of me defends my own emotions, but the other more stable and aware side of me says that this behavior feels all too familiar. So I made note to my neurologist, and that is that. I am going to have to just keep my emotions in check. It's as simple as THAT!

EXAM # 3 tomorrow in Psych, I say BRING IT ON!! :-)

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Janie said...

Hi Mikey,

Just a thought. Since you attend a Missionary Church (Pathway), they can help you out with the Bethel thing. Bethel is affiliated with the Missionary Church. My dad works for Missionary Church headquarters and I could gladly get you some info if you'd like. Send me an e-mail.

Hang in there....