Thursday, March 06, 2008

I almost didn't BLOG

It would have been a really big shame if I wouldn't have written about what happened today. First however, I need to share this video. It is amazingly cool. FROZEN PEOPLE It is like 2:14 long, but worth every single second!

Today I went to my classes and then got a chance to go and get my car door fixed as well as get my steering wheel centered. ALL FOR FREE! :-) That is always the best way to have your car worked on.I just wish these guys would have worked on it. That would have been amazing.

OK, so I get a phone call around 4:30 from D which is short for Dijon. D is a kid I met through just going to Snider's lunch and getting to know kids. Well he wanted to know if I would take him and his friend Chris to Sniders MOPE. I said yea, and picked him up. Well, after I dropped him off at Snider I went over to my friend Tom's (Young Life staff) house and we just talked about this and that. One of the things that we spoke on was how I was to deal or address stuff with these kids. Pretty much it came down to this. They are calling me, they enjoy being around me. I need to just love them like Jesus would have done so. I don't have to preach down their throat, and tell them that smoking dope is bad 24/7 I just need to show up in their lives and care about them. That is what I feel Christ is calling me to do and dag nabbit, I am gonna do it! That's that. He called me to pick them up when it was over, I got them some POP's when I was filling up and got a chance to have a good conversation when I took them home. They keep coming around, and I am kind of getting excited with where God may take this. I just want to show them that I care about them.

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