Sunday, March 30, 2008

rich or poor, God I want you more

I had such an amazingly good day. Mostly because of one single event, but could have been because of a combination of many. I am like in a giggly happy mood. Got out of church, which was about Heaven this morning. I was kind of like.............what? That's all you got Pastor? If I was giving a sermon about Heaven, I would put so much enthusiasm in it people would be shouting. It's all good though, the amazing part was yet to come. First some bad stuff happened. Well, it is the every other week Young Life Leader meeting and I wanted to go over to Josh's house early to have him help me out with some stuff. WELL.....I get to the front door and give it a knock. I hear an intense SIGH from Josh's wife Ashley, then a shout and a crash. I get let in and they have to rush off to the hospital to take Rosyln (little girl) to get checked out. Josh apparently fell down the bottom of the stairs and was holding her. Turns out no one was hurt, it just scared the crap out of Josh and Ashley.

The meeting was good! But I talked a little bit about how I was disappointed Dijon wasn't coming anymore.

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