Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Today I started off by going to Snider(high school) to hang out with my friends. I found out from one of the caring teachers that some of the guys have been getting in trouble....more than"usual." This is not normal for one of them especially so I pulled him out of lunch and walked & talked with him. He has given mr reason to believe that something is going on at home, but would not tell me what. Then through a random series of events, "God." I got a chance to talk to this kid in a really heart 2 heart kind of way. It was so neat!

After Snider I went to visit my good friend Phil and his baby Isaiah.He is such a good looking dude. I had a great talk with Phil, and it was just so nice(pecking with 1 hand) Young Life was amazing 2night. I started out so confused & upset. Ya see...I was going to go pink up Dijon (D) & his cousin. Well I had just talked to D & everything seemed cool. When I got to his house he wasn't of his other cousins came up 2 my car & told me he left 4 chris's....long story short he ditched me then Reggie did the same thing. He went to his tae kwon doe even though he doesn't have it on Wednesdays. hummmmm, Reggie has also been getting in to trouble @ school. Been hanging with the wrong croud, even gang affiliated people. So with all that, plus the fact that I drove all the way out of my way 4 them just had me kinda down. Club was crazy & I love watching kids eat disgusting food & almost puke. LOL. I taking 3 kids home when i was totally overcome with emotion. I gave the talk & shared a very personal story from my life. Then shared the story of zacheeus the tax collector. Well God was in it & their faces & ears were glued on me. It was powerful 2 see their reaction. OK back in the car taking kids home now. This one kid Daniel just opened up 2 me.... He said, "Mikey man, when you talk I can tell it's from your heart, I know you care and I KNOW you're not being fake. Like when you talked to me in the office at school today I took what you said to heart, man I can trust you." you God! This is what I pray for. I took these two dudes out to eat & they got deep with me, really deep. They explained how they could relate b/c they know I have been through it. I faught balling my eyes out at one point b/c it touched my heart so much.

Thank you God for allowing me to come into the lives of these guys, it's all for your glory Father. My body, my voice, my fears, my joys, my all Lord! I lay every bit of it down at your feet. Father please humble me before you. You are so good to me.

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