Sunday, March 16, 2008

here it is

Well, as soon as church got out I decided to call the pager to the M/S office since they are obviously not open on the weekends. I called it because I know I am getting worse. The PHYSICAL strength is being sucked out of the right side of my body, and I just knew I needed to get it looked at. It is so hard for me to type because the fingers on my right hand just respond so slowly. But I just love this darn BLOG and all the people who read it so I will keep posting even if I have to type with my nose. :-)

Gail (lady who called back from M/S Center) told me I needed to go to the Emergency Room and get checked out ASAP. So that is what I did. I took my MRI from 2-28-08 and headed off. They looked me over and called Dr. Kolar who is the main guy at the M/S Center. He said that I should get another MRI done and then check back. Well, after a lot of waiting and trying to get me to put on this silly patient gown, I went and spent about an hour in the MRI. Dang every time I forget how loud those things are. The radiologist "Mary" had to be called in because it was a Sunday and she said she was headed to her lake cottage to spend the last bit of time with her in-laws..she actually thanked me. ;-) She was really cool and let me sit in the room with her and explained a bit to me about the whole procedure. I saw my Brain up on the screen and said to her, "there is new lesions isn't there?" She can't tell me by law, but I knew it was a yes. So I went back to the ER area, and I think the doc and nurses were surprised by my up beat attitude. Instead of watching T.V. in my room, I wanted to talk and hang out with them. Well, the doc tells me that there is a brand new lesion in my left temporal lobe. One that has popped up in the short amount of time since my last MRI. He was shocked because I am only 21 years old. My speech is starting to be affected as well. Here is the reality of it all folks. I have been praying that God increase my faith. So that I may trust him in all things, through all things, and above all things. If it means rising above my disease, SO BE IT! I should be so lucky! This is my honest mentality. Tomorrow I go back to the M/S Center with my dad to start the TYSABRI. They didn't start me on the I.V. solu-medrol (steriods) because it would have interfered with getting the Tysabri started.

I went to collateral tonight when it would have been easier to sleep, trust me I have lost a lot of energy lately. BUT, I was so blessed. I love going through Pauls letters in a large group. I love getting input from all different people. The worship time was amazing as well. We sang old hymns, and sometimes I just need to get a little bit old school. HE HE. Now, I must pass out.


Paul B. said...

Great attitude. Blessings and prayers.

Lauren said...

Hi Mikey,

How did your Tysabri infusion go today? Well I hope.

I go for my 19 Tysabri infusion on Wednesday, and I can hardly wait!

Just checking in on you...,

All my best, Lauren :)

Mikey said...


I have 2 wait for my fam doc to give admitting permission to neuro 4 drug. should be soon. Ya know i am just very unsettled about it 4 some reason, i just dont have peace about it.....i don't know why. do u ever feel that way about anything?

Lauren said...

Hi Mikey,

Sorry for the late reply to your question, but I've just been superduper busy lately, and just got home from my 19th Tysabri infusion. I am feeling a sleepy after a long day, so I think I just have a little bit of dinner, do my PT exercises, and then hit the hay, but all in all, I feel very good.

Oh, I thought you were going for your first infusion, DUH ME!
You asked: "i am just very unsettled about it 4 some reason, i just dont have peace about it.....i don't know why. do u ever feel that way about anything?"

Actually Mikey, no I don't. If I ever questioned anything that I didn't understand, I put it in God's hands to lead me to the answer that He wanted me see and learn from. I truly believe that Tysabri has been a blessing for any one of us with MS.

Please keep me posted, okey-dokey artichokey? (Heehee)

Have a good evening, Lauren :)