Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Good day I say

I hope Everyone enjoys this video as much as I did. Because I really got a lot of enojyment out of it. I love it when people forward me classic videos like this in the ole E-Mail. It's so great. I love getting "funny" not crude stuff in my E-Mail.

So, today I went and spent some time at Snider during lunch to hang out with the kids and see what they are all up to. I love going to the cafeteria more and more every time. I feel like I am really reaching out to specific kids too. It's awesome! I mean if I can just make a couple of them feel like they are unique, then I think I am doing an awesome job. It's God's work, and I love doing it!

YOUNG LIFE was awesome tonight. Josh really took his character to the next level. I have to share this.


So, Young Life was awesome for many reasons. We were able to really incorporate some of the people who really tend to separate themselves from the rest of the group tonight. They really loved it too. It all worked out so perfectly that I knew it was a "GOD THING." It is so cool to see His hand at work in and through YL. I feel so lucky to be a part of it. Then, it was taken a step further with one of the guys I am really reaching out to. ****** (don't want to use his name) kind of opened up to me in a way he has never allowed himself to. It was awesome because when we were in the car just me and him, he was saying how he thought my Christian Rap was sounding pretty cool. So, I loaded him up with like 3 CD's and told him to give them a listen, and that I could give him plenty more where those came from. He seemed excited, and we chatted a little about God and his happenings. I will try so hard not to take situations that God creates lightly. I never know what they could lead to. So, for that I am excited. Thank you GOD!

Tomorrow morning I (just me & the mean machine "car") leave for Indianapolis to go to the Indiana Center for M/S to see about where I am at as far as my most recent MRI's go. I am also going to go see my cousin Dan, and spend some time with him at his work and eat some lunch. I am pumped for the drive and the time with him. Tomorrow will be a good day. PRAY FOR SAFE TRAVELS!

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