Sunday, March 09, 2008

Open those doors.

Well, today was quite the day. I went to church today and of course I directed traffic. It is bothering me less and less, but today was almost really bad. OK, you would think that if I held the stop sign with one hand (which is my hand held out straight with all fingers spread out as wide as possible) and the continual move motion with my left arm and hand people would get the understanding of what to do. Well, apparently this was not so for one gentlemen today. I was just really taken, and it could have been bad. I had out the stop signal held out for the traffic directly in front of me. I had been motioning to the traffic to the left of me to move on out. This guy pulls up in front of me and stops, then goes. I put both of my hands up in the air and looked directly at him as if to say, "WHAT THE HECK DUDE?!" He looked at me and gave me the facial expression as if to say, "WHAT?!?" I shook it off and everyone else played nice. lol

After church I went home and spent the afternoon with ZOEY the dog, and waited till his owners got home. They were happy to see her and she was happy to see them, BYE ZOEY!

I went to a Young Life leaders meeting, and it was really uplifting, informative, and encouraging. You gotta love it when those three intermix with each other. I was also challenged to up my game a bit with the kids. I am so excited to see what will come of it. God is working in big ways.

I went to Collateral after the YL meeting. I hadn't been there in 3 weeks, and I was happy to rejoin it. It was actually a really good talk. Pat Miller, a gentlemen who is very involved with Collateral & Brookside is very knowledgeable of the scripture. It was amazing and so deep tonight. We studied over Philemon. I discovered things that I had never seen before. You would think that would be kind of difficult to do with such a SHORT book. BUT, that is the ever amazing thing about the living word. IT"S LIVING!!!!

When Collateral got out, I had it put on my heart to call up D and just see how his weekend went. Then I asked if I could take him out for dinner tomorrow later afternoon or evening. He agreed, and I am really looking forward to it. I have been praying that God will just open up doors and give me the words to speak to this guy. I pray that he will feel comfortable to talk with me and that we can grow together in our relationship. I told him on the phone tonight that he has a great personality and an aura of leadership. I said I saw great things in him, and that I am praying for him all the time. He took it pretty positively. PLEASE pray that God opens doors tomorrow. I know I will be.I get E-Mails and phone calls and all kinds of different mediums for people to contact me on a variety of different subjects. Well, this time I was contacted via E-Mail through YouTube. I see such a huge chance to minister to this guy. He seems lost, and I know someone who would really love to make himself known. I'm going to think about how I am going to respond, and then write him tomorrow.

~ Hello my friend. I have Behcet's disease. An auto immune disease and its shitty man. Im 28 years old. I been left with left leg weakness and numnbess, bowel and bladder difficulties and erecjtion problems. Please man. Did you get better with stem cell therapies? Did they do anything? I need help getting my life back man. You siad you were getting back to 100%. I would love to man. Im too young for this shit. Please help me man. Help my life man and the way I live it. Please. ~

Wow, for him to say "Help my life man and the way I live it." WOW, that is really deep. I could be thinking way to much into this, but it sounds like he is talking more than just health issues. I dunno though...I probably relate to so much more than he knows. I will be praying for how I should respond.

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