Wednesday, March 05, 2008

MOVIE night

This is great, some one dear to me sent me this awesome Video. I think everyone should watch it.

It was movie night tonight, and I hate to say it, but I forgot how boring Braveheart is. I mean when I was in High School I enjoyed it and thought it was really cool how everyone got their heads bashed in and what not, but now it was just so slow and WOW. I think maybe I had a longer attention span back then....that's a scary thought.Here is a group picture of some of the guys. It was pretty darn dark and I didn't want to bother people with my Flash.Here is Dijon a.k.a. D and his brother. D is to the left, you can see they are both "geared up" and ready to go. I had a good time with these guys, and hope they don't think I am lame now for bringing them to watch Braveheart. Ohhhh well, live and learn. I am just so happy that they even considered going with me.

I didn't go to the Doc. in Indy because of the snow, but I did do snow removal all day, and then some great manual labor at Pathway. Which by the way I get this feeling that there is going to be less and less work for me to do at Pathway. I was even told that if I started looking for another job, then "John would understand" Ughhhhh, that guy............................

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