Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy easter eve

First I must give a shout out to an amazing site that found me. If you scroll down and look to your right you can see a whole bunch of BLOG's dedicated to m/s and it's findings. CLICK HERE to check it out.

My right "hand" is already starting to gain some strength back. Right now I am using it to type. It is not 100% but it sure is nice! I suppose it would be proper to say the GAIT in my fingers is already starting to come back to me. My right leg and foot however, is not so. My foot is stumbling alot. I sure would love to be able to thank TYSABRI for the return of my hand strength, but could it be? Could this medicine provide such quick relief? I must continue to wait before such a drastic decision is considered.

Today, my dad helped me study. I still can't write with my right hand, so as I read he played a computer game "with the sound silenced of course" and when I needed something written down he would pause his game and take note for me. What a great guy!

I went to Life Light Ministries (Dave Church) and it was packed! LOL. I suppose that happens so close to Easter, sad but true. The message I walked away with tonight was, "wait on God."

Tomorrow I am going to my Aunt Jackie's with my parents for Easter. It will be divine, although maybe too cold for the little ones to find eggs outside yet. We'll see. I should have lot's of pretty pictures to share tomorrow.


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