Friday, March 07, 2008

get this

So my day was filled with pictures. I was kind of just in a picture frenzy. I think it adds a little something extra to a BLOG though. I am such a visual person, and even though I love going back on some of my older entries and reading some of the descriptive wording, I still love to see the pictures. It is probably my mind reverting to back in the old days when reading a book composed mostly of looking at big brightly colored pictures. So, here goes......It started off with me getting on my computer and getting up to date on all my E-Mails. We are taking care of ZOEY right now, and I had her upstairs with me while I was on the computer. She is soo ZOEY. She is so hyper all the time. As soon as we got in the upstairs I shut the door about 5/8th of the way, just enough so she could not get out. She poked her head in the opening but because her clumsy body movement she bumped into the door it spooked her and ended up shutting it more. I am just watching her, laughing. So now the door is only open about 5 inches maybe. She is frustrated by this. I can tell because she is whimpering non stop for maybe 25 minutes. So, in her upset frame of mind she plops her self down in front of the door, and closes it the rest of the way. Then I snapped the picture you see above. She just kind of stared at the door in frustration.

After I played around on the computer for a while I had to go to IPFW for 2 of 5 research assignments that I am required to complete for my Psychology class. This one was on Visual PerceptionThere was so many seemingly mindless questions. I can't understand what the heck the researcher could possibly learn form the data they gather from these "studies." But, I sat there and took it like a champ. I have 3 left to take, then I have completed the requirements for the class as far as research studies are concerned.

When I got home from the Research Study I was hungry and ready to eat something. I wanted to rock out a SALAD, so that is exactly what I did. It tasted so good. The only things it was missing was an egg and some beacon bits. But I can never remember how to hard boil an egg, so I just went without. It was an amazing salad. I hope that one day you will be able to transfer taste through the internet so that I can share my amazing salads. For now, just visually satisfy your eyes. ummmm saladlicious.

I then had to go to the bank and do some other errands so I decided to take Zoey with me. She is such a goof ball in the car. She can never sit still, and pants really hard. She pants like she has always just gotten done running. Lots of slobber too.I snapped this classic picture, I proudly call it DOG IN CAR. I think the name is quite fitting.

Last, but in no way least my beautiful friend Britt and I went to see Atonement at the Cinema Center downtown. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good watch. The ending is a little sad, but it is a powerful story, and one to make you think too. I really hope Brit doesn't check the BLOG any time soon because she would not be happy with me for posting this picture. Not because she doesn't want her picture on my BLOG, but because she just didn't think she looked "pretty" enough. So don't judge to harshly, she is beautiful inside and out. I had a good morning and it was semi-productive and I had a great afternoon and a wonderful evening. The only thing that I didn't like about today is the feeling I have inside about my friend Jama. I feel like something is just not right. I think we are sometimes connected to people in ways that we can not understand. If there are any prayer warriors out there, please keep Jama in your thoughts and quiet times. She is really struggling and my heart just goes out for her so much because I KNOW God has great plans for her. She is just so far from being able to see it. "I can't stop praying for you Jama, I am in it for the long haul."


Britt :) said...

zoey is a LABRADODDLE, get it right mikey! and i am VErY mad at you for putting that picture up..YUCK!

<3 u

Mikey said...

HA! I friggin love you Britt. :-)