Wednesday, April 09, 2008

the name that's running the game

I went to the dermatologist this morning first thing to get some stitches removed from my upper chest. While I was waiting I couldn't help but laugh at/with this old timer. The first thing he said was, "there sure are a lot of big women in here." It kind of caught me by surprise, so I couldn't help but laugh out loud. He is in the far back corner, the lady directly to his right is his wife, and I am not sure who the lady is sitting next to her. Some women were offended, but for the most part they knew he was just a fairly deaf old man with no manners. He kept me rolling though. It was like the kind of laugh you do when you are just so taken by what someone says, and it's not that is is so super offensive that you have to say something. You just kind of get the, "WOW" effect.

After I got out of the dermatology office I went over to Snider High School to chill with my homies and see what all they were up to over spring break. I got a chance to talk with Dijon (D) for a while in the hall. It was really cool because he opened up about certain things. He said he is going to let me take him to the Mad Antz (basketball NBA D League) with me and some other Young Life guys this weekend. He sounded very sincere, but I guess we will just see how serious he is this weekend. His cell phone is shut off, but I got his home phone #. My prayer request is that I have the perfect opportunity to persuade him to agree to go to camp this summer. It would be so so so good to get him out of his element and give him a chance to work on "himself."

I am taking 2 kids from Snider who have never gone to Young Life, they don't really think it's "for them." BUT, they have totally agreed to go to the B-Ball game this Saturday. I am pumped to see what comes out of it. I am taking 4 kids from Snider. Please pray for opportunities and strength. I need wisdom in regards to handling certain situations that could possibly come up. I am only excited, but I know how powerful prayer is. Please keep me in mind. As far as I know, I am taking Dijon, Clint, Adam, and Nolan. Prayer for them would be SWEET!

So, after Snider I hiked by butt on over to IPFW for a serious study session. I did a lot of reading, note taking, typing, and studying. It was amazing!This is a picture of me taking a 15 second stretch. Ohhh man I could have stretched a mile, but I would have had to gone and picked myself up. HA! That's funny!! I am in a really good mood, and I did some work on my persuasive speech for Comm 114 on Tuesday. The thesis is "Something as simple as awareness can help to motivate change." The speech is over Multiple Sclerosis. I am going to inform, and make people aware of the disease and what it can do. Not so that they go out and start fund raising for the National M/S Society, but so they are aware of what the disease is. This way in the future if M/S ever comes up, they can talk about it intelligently, and understand what it is all about. I think awareness is how change really happens. That's just my opinion though. :-)

Good Night!

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