Sunday, October 19, 2008

do all good things have to end?

I suppose some good things never have to come to and end. BUT, the farm did. Before I left for Fort Lame (kidding, I love Fort Wayne) I decided to change the oil in my car. I did it all by myself. Well, I suppose I had a little bit of help, maybe support from Bernie, the Saint Bernard (Dick's dog).

The drive home was a pretty one, but I am thinking that pretty much anywhere in Indiana with tree's is a pretty drive right now.

The drive home was enjoyable, but leaving the farm was not. It is like I am back in High School. When I was in High School, I would get a churning stomach feeling when I had to leave Dick's farm. I love it there so much, almost as if I belong there. ~SIGH~

The most bizarre thing happened too right before I left. I said my goodbyes, and received my final words of wisdom..things like, "don't eat the rat poison." But was completely thrown for a lope when I was handed a check for an amount of money far crazier for me to comprehend. I was paid for this weekend??? I was paid real money to do something that I would happily pay my own hard earned money to do myself. This was hard for me to understand. I am still not really sure why Dick decided to pay me, but I didn't turn back or rip up the check. I will just be extremely grateful, and put the money to good use.

When I got home, I decided I would go to the library to write some of my English paper......well that didn't go too well, so I went to my best friends parents house to hang out with his little brother Nicky. Nicky goes to Snider (the school I do contact work at for Young Life) and I have needed to spend time with Nick, so I just did it. Super fun too!! Nick is AMAZING at Call Of Duty 4 (action/first person shooter game for X-Box 360).Nicky is such a cool dude. Far cooler than most kids I know, and I know quite a few. He is extremely genuine, and funny. His humor reminds me of his brothers, and that is hard to come by.Yes, we ended the evening with some PIZZA HUT. By far not our first choice for pizza, but really the only place we could go to late at night none the less. So, we made it work. Nicky is the man! Pizza is the food! Bernie is the dog! And it is time to hit the sack.


Kim Ashley said...

I just ran across your blog--love reading it!

Mikey said...

Kim, I love to BLOG. I suppose it is a release for me to express myself, and an awesome tool for me to have and look back on my life. Thank you so much for leaving encouraging words, I SO LOVE TO GET THEM. :-)