Monday, October 13, 2008

push come to shove

Okay, I learned that the location doesn't have too much impact on the amount of work I am able to get accomplished. Today and tomorrow is my Fall Break at IPFW. This is nice, but for my schedule, won't give me much of an actual break. I planned to fill it with study time and meaningful work periods. Today wasn't a failure, but close to it.Yes, I went straight home from work, took about a 45 min. nap, and got to work studying for a test on Thursday in my OLS class. FAILURE was the general consensus for table time. So...I went to school, in the library to give it a try there. Ummm, it was the same problem. The subject matter is just so incredibly boring and lifeless to me, I really super struggle getting into it. But, that's the name of the game i'm afraid. I'll push through.

BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) was awesome tonight. So many awesome points, I just have to share a few. Over the last week we have gone through Exodus 5:1-14 through Exodus 6:26. Some general themes and ideas I have come out with are as follows.

- A right relationship with God requires me to listen to him.
- If I ever establish myself as a (g)od, then I have a problem with the one true God.
- You can't reason with an evil person, because their thinking is confused.
- Whom ever I rely on, my credibility is as trustworthy as their reliability.
"interesting thought" The more costly and precious a sacrifice the Israelites brought to the true God, the ore detestable a sacrifice the Egyptians would see it as.
- I must be careful to pay attention who I turn to during failures and discouragements.

God proclaims several times, I AM THE LORD. With this comes a very powerful statement.

Also, I am working on a POEM for a class/friend. I like how it has turned out, possibly some day I will share it.


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