Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Today was awesome

I had a great day today. I felt like I got a lot accomplished, and that always makes me feel super good. It all started out at school. Ya see, every Tuesday I need to read over the notes for BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) and this typically takes over 30 minutes, so before I went into the library to study, I just parked on the top of the parking garage, and got to it.It is so very wonderful up there. I love being on top of the university with the wind blowing. Just talking and reading about God, with God. It's good stuff.

Then I got to study some OLS, horribly boring and silly stuff really. But it was all worth it when I walked out of one of the buildings and got to see the most beautiful leaves crawling up the side of one of the buildings.Well, I just hung around school for most of the day. I ate lunch there and everything. While I was one of my "breaks" I happened to come across a bridge being built to connect one of the most westerly parking lots to where the new soft ball fields will be I believe. It is a neat looking bridge.It's really cool looking, and there were some HUGE cranes holding that thing up. It looks kind of high tech. I really like my University. It makes me feel glad to be a part of it. :-)

Well, eventually, off to work I went. We are doing this walk for fitness thing in the YMCA, and so I like to take the kids for a walk through a near by neighborhood. We found a little part yesterday, and I promised them time to play at it today. We just had to find a quicker way to get there. Well, we did, it was to cut across a low stream. I helped all the kids get over it by standing precariously on 3 small rocks, and hand by hand got all of them to the other side safely. It was fun.They liked the little park, even though the equipment is not as nice as the other one, but I think because it was different and just some new things to crawl on, it was good.

I went home after work, and eventually made it to the YMCA to work out. I ended up in the sauna before I showered off and went home. It was sweet because I ran into a in the SAUNA, who I got to share a little bit of my story with. I got to share just a little bit of Jesus with. :-) It could very well open up new doors in the future. I see him around often, so ya never know how God will work that one.


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