Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday follows Friday....always

Yes in deed, today was Saturday and what a day it was. It mostly started out with me sleeping in as long as I possibly could. Ahhhh it felt good to catch up a bit on sleep. Well, once fully awake I got my butt in gear and went over to my sister Brandy's house. Yes, my sister and her fiance John needed a ride to go to my nephews B-Day party. 2 B-Day parties in one week, can you believe it!!?? Well, believe it. Not only did we get to drive out to Columbia City, but we got to see my brothers new house. It is good for him.......CHECK IT!There is Big Troy of course to the left, and Amy (his wife all the way to left). There was cake and ice cream, and a lot of Troy's family. Although it was super nice to see my niece and nephew, I felt some what out of place, but not uncomfortable. I don't know, maybe I am just being silly, but whatever. I celebrated Joel's (nephew) 3rd B-Day, and that was that.

Since we were out that way. We (me, brandy & john) decided to go see Grandma (brandy and mine). It was super nice, and I got to see her new barn apartment all finished and beautiful.I had a great time, and am planning on going back on Friday. Ohhh boy am I going to have a blast posting on Friday.

Also, Grandma's Bird took a bite out of my finger. Ummm, if I was smart, I wouldn't have put my finger in a place where this was made possible.....but I that says what about me.....hummmm

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Anonymous said...

come on man, some of us can't sleep without reading about your days...i'm going on 48 hours without sleep now..PLEASE POST SOON