Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Here's It at........just deal

Busy, forgetting, tremendous, impact, frustration, goofy, stress, child child, happiness, cold fingers. Those words alone explain my whole day and then some. I suppose I can put some pictures on and let ya'll in on the KNOW though. I went to work, then class, then SNIDER for lunch time. It was great ya know. Saw the usual peeps, plus some new ones. I didn't get to work out today, which sucked, because I hate it when I don't get to work out. Time just wouldn't allow it today though. When I got off work, I went back to Snider for their Powder Puff game, and then a homecoming dance.Yes, Yes. Although the kids were having lots of fun brushing up against each other in a very sweaty and close fashion......I still do not miss high school.

Young Life made a pretty cool presence known there. We passed out Freezie pop's. It was fun, and kids are goofey. SO GOOD.I am so friggin tired. I will explain at a later date, but tomorrow I have to get up super early for a very specific reason. I am happy to do it though. I really am.

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Megan said...

my stepsister was in the powderpuff game yesterday and I think she did go to the dance too! She was telling me a little bit about this afternoon :)