Friday, October 24, 2008


I finally got the brochure done for my OLS Australia project. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)


(FRONT)Of course, this will be a tri-fold brochure.
It will look amazing, and I can't wait to pick
it up on Monday morning.

Goodness, I put way to much time into this whole project. I mean I went entirely above and beyond what was asked in almost every aspect I could. Check out this video.......To say that I rocked this assignment, well it would be an understatement. My friend Scott really went above and beyond with this video. But, it is all finished, completed, fenito!! HORRAY!! I suppose I can concentrate on some of the other things that need my attention. Like.....ENGLISH !~!

Today at work, I had to approach dealing with some things that aren't very fun. Things that make my job rather difficult. Without naming names, or pointing fingers. There is just a specific individual who is causing "issues" at YMCA child care. It is not a child, and it is not a worker. But, this individual is causing problems. I stayed after for ohhhh, maybe close to a half an hour, and talked over some new strategies with my fellow workers. I hope, come Monday, that we can work this out, and that the "problem" becomes no more a problem. :-) This is what I want.

When I got out of work, I went and worked out at the YMCA, and boy did it feel good to just get super duper sweaty in the Sauna. I also talked to a very interesting guy, who was very talkative, and super polite. IT WAS GREAT!! I am beginning to really enjoy the Sauna talks I have been having. When I left the YMCA, I went straight to Nicky's house. We blasted some bad guys on Halo 3, then I got him to help me out with some school stuff. I took him to the 24/7 computer lab. And, well he helped me finish this Power Point that will be playing during the presentation.Nick didn't know I took this picture, but he was actually having fun I do believe. You sure can tell I was. he he he This guy has such a great personality, and is so incredibly funny. It reminds me of playing with his brother when I was younger. Good times, tied to good memories. I LOVE IT!!

And now, I do believe it is time to be finished with the day.


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Megan said...

The Australia project looks great! I liked it and hopefully you get a good grade on it! :)