Saturday, October 04, 2008


I was so lazy today. It was as if I had nothing to do....but I had much to do. I think when you have weeks and weeks of non-stop going, going, going, it is just so extremely NICE to take a Saturday off. Well, sort of off. I sat around for most of the day, after I got done with my BSF study. THEN, I WENT TO PLAY SOME SERIOUS BOX BALL at one of the other leaders houses. What a night!Yes, Yes. Young Life will be in full swing. It was so much fun, and the guys and small hand full of ladies had such a good time tonight. I waited and waited for this kid to come who I was so hoping would. But, after an hour went by, I called him up and talked to his mother. Sounded like quite a crazy day for him. I am so glad I called, that way I didn't allow myself to assume things. I will just look forward to seeing him on Wednesday when I go to Snider. That is that. Tomorrow will be filled with studying, reading & writing. Ohhh boy.

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