Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So, I got out of class and went and studied for a bit. Then.....I was hungry. I wanted something different, something good. I decided to try out this new Italian restaurant that I found in a strip near a favorite pizza place. I don't remember the name of the joint, because it was all super Italian and what not, but here are some pictures of the food.The presentation was maybe a 7 1/2 out of 10. The broccoli was undercooked, but the rest of the food was good. The dipping sauce was OKAY for the bread. And, well, I guess I will not be so adventurous next time. They kept interrupting me while I was trying to write on my paper too. It was extremely polite to them, of course. I just wish I could have written. I am struggling to get this paper for English written. SO MANY INTERRUPTIONS!! Damn those life interruptions. But, at the same time I absolutely love all the things thrown at me. I love dealing with things. I really do, no matter how much I may wine and complain, I love dealing with stuff. Especially when it is people related. I love people.

After my meal was over, I went to Wendy's to get a large Strawberry milkshake and a small chili. This was not for me, but for my friend Nicky Bush. You remember Nicky from on Sunday. Well, I had asked him what his favorite fast food meal was and he told me about this milkshake and small chili from Wendy's. SO, I told Nicky not to eat school lunch on Wednesday. I got his food, and went to Snider. It worked out so RADICAL!! I went to sign in at Snider, and the secretary Pat, stopped me and said, well, you look pretty suspicious. I told her that I had the food under my coat, and she let me know that I couldn't take that into the cafeteria. I was disappointed, but of course I agreed to whatever I had to do, even if it meant to throw it away. Well, she explained that there was another option. I could take Nicky back into one of the unused conference rooms. SO I DID JUST THAT!! I went and pulled Nicky out of the cafeteria, where he was patiently looking all around for me, and took him "secretly" to a back conference room. HE WAS SO PUMPED!! I WAS TOO!! We had some fun talk, and it really made my day to have lunch with Nick.

I went back to school, then to work, and then finally to YOUNG LIFE!! It was crazy packed there. And, there was a belching contest.Belching contests are fun. For rizzle, my nizzle.


P.S. I just feel the urge to inform of this:::I do much more during my days than what I speak of in this simple BLOG. If a camera could really follow me around all day, it would be quite the day to day experience. I live a very exciting and fulfilling life. Always crazy twists and turns around every corner. :-)

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