Thursday, October 09, 2008

frowns into crowns

I have every right to be extremely upset, and in a bad attitude. I have every reason to ask, "oooh WHY WORLD, WHY DO YOU SPAT IN MY FACE AND TREAT ME UNFAIRLY?" But, i'm saying none of the above. Today my Philosophy 11 class was canceled again. A lady popped her head in the classroom and told us that he was in court, writing someones disposition. I don't even know what that means, but I do know that I didn't have to sit through a class that I don't peticulairly like sitting through. Pretty much, me so happy. In light of this event, I decided to get to the YMCA to work out and then go directly to school to get busy with it. It being my third of three (3/3) papers due for Philosophy 111 class tomorrow. Well, turns out life would happen a little differently. After I ate some lunch and packed a bag with clean clean clothes and toilitries, I headed off. I drove down a road I have traveled a multitude of times before. Well, this time was different.


I was about to cross an intersection, and apparently did
not see that the traffic was not moving, well not moving fast, practically not moving. I was not speeding, I did not have my attention else where. This accident was, in fact an accident. Fault being in my side. When I realized I was moving too quickly, I tried to get into the left lane, but there was a car. My mind quickly decided it was better to crash into the back of the mini-van that it would have been to broad swipe a car. SO THEN, IT HAPPENED! I hit the back of this ladies 2005 Nissan Mini-Van. In all honesty, it scared the crap out of me. Of all the things that is really hard on my M/S, it's stress. Well, I may not have shown it, but I was shaking like a leaf. Thankfully, the driver was not hurt. To take it to the next level of thankfulness, of all the people I could possibly hit in Fort Wayne, I am so thankful it was Her. She was NICE, taken to the next level. She was calm, composed, gentle, and made it all so simple. I was immideatly relieved and it was okay. She proved to me that there are plenty of genuine people out there. We pulled over to a near by library, she had the right mind to make copies of each others information(for two people not knowing what your supposed to do in a car crash situation, we did alright). Then we waited. She actually works at the YMCA I was going to. We made small talk while the police officer made out the police report. I prayed that God would just calm me down, and make best of the situation at hand. Did he ever. I swear, this lady brought me into such a good mood considering the circumstances. I learned so much, and was also shown that situational anger is not only pointless, but damaging. I kept things light, and felt as though I was blessed by it. The stress was dropped as soon as I spoke with this lady. An Angel in the car crash scene. No injuries, her car will get fixed, my car still works. I AM BLESSED!

I got to the YMCA a little late, but worked out like crazy. I hopped in the Sauna when I was done with my routine, and just sweat and prayed for about 15 minutes. I really like that Sauna.

When I left the YMCA, I went to a empty parking lot by the highway. It is a place I knew I would get this radio station I really like in perfect reception. So I set up shop, and worked on making the outline for my third and final paper.
Yep. Then I went back to school. We are starting this new WALKING program for the kids at work. It is cool, I get to just walk all over the place, and the kids follow me.It was SUCH A NICE DAY TODAY TOO! When we got back from the walk, the Fort Wayne Fire Department came with a fire truck, and did a little demonstration for the kids. The kids were, PERFECTLY BEHAVED, and Andrea and myself were so proud. :-D

When I got out of work, I went to IPFW, got on this third and final paper hardcore, and am feeling pretty darn confident about it.



Tom Kaough said...

Mikey allows all of us to see the Scriptures in action. St. Francis said:"Preach the gospel at all times and if necessary use WORDS."

There are no "accidents"--Only opportunities for growth. Mikey illustrates that: A man wise beyond his years. I walk and grow in the sunshine of his love. I love Mikey with the love he teaches me.


Brandi said...

Mike, I hope your weekend was a little quieter than Thursday! Funny that you commented about not particularly enjoying Philosophy because you have obviously developed a life wisdom well past your years! Your blog reflects my favorite mantra, "Be still and know that I am."

Mikey said...

And the most UNIQUE and neatest comment to make me smile goes to that of the one I post under. This is the lady I hit. BRANDI, I got such a huge smile when I read your comment. THANKS!!! :-)