Monday, October 06, 2008

Love is where it's at

At work, I had fun with the kids. Can you believe it?? I could sit from afar, and watch, pointing and yelling, but I actually get down and dirty with um. Is this a hard concept to pull together? I am hanging upside down, there were three little ones running and laughing around me. It was much fun. Later I became the SLIDE TROLL, and would tell the kids if they wanted to get by me to go down the slide, they had to figure out the password. If your kids to be loved in a real and genuine way before and after school, well Lincoln Elementary is where it's at. FO SHO!

God some things accomplished today. Crap I have lots to do this week. But, it's all good, I will accomplish them all. BSF was awesome as well. There are 215 (with an 82% attendance average) guys signed up for BSF, and it is so powerful to see a huge body of grown male influences desiring to impact their own personal spiritual walks, but the walks of their families and communities, be it work, clubs, etc. It is such a good and awesome thing for me to be involved in. Dang, some other sweet things happened today, I don't have the finger power to share them all, but I will share this one specifically.

Okay, so this is pretty cool. I am driving home from work. There is a Starbucks on the way home (yea, not a big surprise) if I take a kind of "out of the way" route. I did, not even considering the Starbucks. Well, I was approaching it, and extremely tired. Knowing that I had a night of Bible Study Fellowship ahead of me, which involves a lot of sitting and writing and listening, I knew I was going to need some extra help. I NEVER go to Starbucks, it is way too expensive...and for what? Coffee? I don't care if it is the best of the best beans, it is way to expensive. I really pondered going, and finally gave in, and justified it by saying I would just get a small whatever. I pulled up to the drive through. As soon as I got to the window, this girl (name not mentioned for certain reasons) from my past was at the window, and said, "Ohhh my gosh, Mikey Riley, this is so weird, I was just talking about you yesterday with Clint!" I said, "Clint (good friend from way old past) works here, no friggin way!" She said, "heck yea he does, and we both just got into a conversation about you yesterday, and yadd yadda yadda." Just then, Clint pulls up. She asks me what I wanted, and I explained my position, I gave her my debit card, and she handed it back to me. She asked me if I wanted 1 or 2 shots. Then handed me the largest Moca Cream I have ever seen in my life. I then, went inside and talked with Clint about how Jesus is working in his life, and it was good good good. How friggin cool is that? Worry cuz it's too much, and I hate spending money on stuff like that, and I end up getting complemented, a free drink, and hearing about how God is working. Triple good. :-b

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