Monday, October 27, 2008


My English prof keeps telling us (his class) that it would really be in our best interest to get a Thesaurus. Well, after some writing, where I actually wrote. I wrote because I stuck to what I know, and let the power flow. Yes, that does rhyme, and yes you can smile and nod your head in approval. Like I was saying, I decided to go and get a thesaurus, just like my prof had advised me to do so. I must not have been thinking too clearly, but I figured I could find a better price than at the school bookstore. So, I thought to myself, "i'll start at Wall-Mart on Lima Rd." If you know the lay out of Fort Wayne, you would know that I would be coming off of Coliseum and passing Meijer to get to Wall-Mart which is near dupont, the road I wanted to turn on to go home. Well, when I got to Wall-Mart....They would inform me that they are not currently carrying a Thesaurus. I would be dissapointed, but smile and walk away. As soon as I got to my car, I decided I would....DO THE SMART THING, and call Meijer. Well, I use a free 411 service offered by GOOGLE called goog411(1-800-466-4411) And everyone knows that on the number pad of your phone "goog411" is 4664411, all you have to do is add a 1-800 in front of it, and you are ready to go, free of charge. Yea, I thought I was so smart. I talked to the lady at Meijer, and she told me they had it, but I didn't think to ask how much it cost. So when I get there, to my dismay.....I found the book cost $13.99, which I was not willing to pay. Dissapointed, I called my mother. I asked her if we had a Theaurus at home.....she replied.....yesSo, after a bunch of needless search and driving, I got my Thesaurus. I used it too. I need to set aside a large time for writing. Ohhh boy!!! It will be grand. :-)

BSF was awesome tonight. And challenged me as well as taught me new things. I LOVE BSF!!

I am going to end with a quote from St Francis of Assisi,

"Preach Always, When Necessary Use Words."

Thanks Tom. :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow. Prices have gone up. I paid around $6.99 some years back. St. Francis lives through Mikey.

Bless you. Love everyone, including yourself.

I love Mikey.


Mikey said...

Tom, you are getting good at this commenting stuff. I am really quite impressed. :-)