Tuesday, October 07, 2008

the TALK

Today was average to say the least. I didn't accomplish all the things I wanted to, but I worked my AB's when I worked out, and they are so, so that is good. My philosophy class was cancelled, so I went straight to the YMCA to get my work out on. I was suppose to go straight home, eat food, then work on papers due for Friday in my PHILOSOPHY class. It is 11PM, I am sitting in the library auxiliary 24/hr study room BLOGGING, because it is obviously more important than doing my study. DO'OH!

Before I came here, I went to have dinner with my sister and her roommate. I forget what it was called, but it was SOOO GOOD. Traci (to the left) is a super good cook. Apparently my sister is too, because when I gave Traci all the credit, I got barked at. ;-) I love my sister Merideth so much, and wish I could spend so much more time with her. DARN YOU SCHEDULE AND LIFE APPOINTMENTS!!

BUT, right after work was the highlite of my day. I got to meet with Dave, my old youth pastor gone mentor (guy who I meet with every Sunday). Well, if I had any kind of gut, I would share the topic. But I am spineless, so we will just call it a Christ talk. No, that's lame, not lame, but not sufficient. It was more of a learning and realization time for me on some specific areas that have needed addressed for quite some time. But I came to find that it isn't so much as what I thought needed fixed, but needs to be left to what God want's to reveal. I learned so much about the way I approach things, and was really challenged in a powerful and meaningful way. YESSS!!!

Back 2 study time.

Peace, Grace & Peace. First the Grace....then comes the PEACE!

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