Wednesday, October 15, 2008

first CCC

Yes, indeed today was the first CCC. You might ask yourself, "now what could CCC stand for?" For which I would reply, "CCC Stands for first Coffee Cafe Club." Umm Humm, and it was grand. After much studious times of reading and writing which would prepare me for the test I have tomorrow in my OLS class, I went to work, and then went to CLUB. Check out these pictures.We got "JIGGY" with it. Yes, there was plenty of opportunities for those who choose to partake in such activities to get their DANCE on. :-O It's a little bit crazy. Okay, A LOT crazy, which is up my alley.Josh was pretty solid during his time of crazy character. He interviewed me when I played my character, "Meat Hands." Who is the new popular high school student who actually has meat for hands. Yes, it is unique and rather greasy. It will be interesting where we go with this Meat Hands fellow. Next week, I will have one of the kids take a picture of him...which is me....yeaThe talk was given by Tom, and it was awesome. It was just kind of bringing Jesus into a light that wasn't too bright, and didn't hurt your eyes to look at. It presented Jesus in a way that was okay to look at, but if the light was a little too much, then it was okay to look away from. And, there were plenty of people who choose to look away. That is the beautiful thing about Young Life. We (leaders) want to be there every step of the way. Ultimately God is in control, we (leaders) are just a tool that have the privilege to be right along side kids.

The drive home was my favorite part though. I gave these two brothers a ride home, and we smashed (sang to) some free style beats I have. It is like one of the only CD's of mine that didn't get stolen. It was super fun making up stupid and crazy rhymes with these guys. I have an OLS test tomorrow. I prepared for it, but I could have done a more thorough job. I have some time in the AM to study, but I don't have complete confidence in this one. I ask for prayers around 12:30, for that will be when I take it. If you are reading this BLOG post after 12:30, pray anyways, because God breaks the whole time thing. He's crazy good like that.

God Bless!!

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