Friday, October 17, 2008

I have arrived

So, it's FARM time. I am excited to finally get here and be able to just kind of let go of all the things that usually have a hold on me and my attention. It was about an hour and a half drive to Dick's (actually uncle's sister's husband) farm here in Wakarusa, IN. So glad to be here too.
Before I left my house, right before actually. Dick called me to say that there were a few break downs, and that I may stand stagnent for a while before there is anything to do. I assured him it was perfectly alright. And that I would see him in an hour and a half.

When I pulled onto his property, I saw the combine all opened up, and it's blood (hydrolic fluid) all over the ground.

This thing is really quite an amazing piece of machinery. To be able to walk around in the engine compartment and just get an idea for how MASSIVE it is, well it's something to behold. Now, Tyler, Dick's farm hand was over at one of his other farm locations working on a blower (dries corn off before storing it) that had just broke hours before the combine. Dick says, "when it rains, it pours." Good ole, Tyler. Working with corn up to his belly button. This is not too uncommon of a typical task you might see him doing around the farm. For sure not an every day type of job, but stuff breaks and has to be fixed on the farm all the time.

Now, as soon as the combine was fixed and the dryer was drying. I got to start driving as well. I was driving Semi-Trucks. The combine would fill up the truck, I would take the truck back to the main farm where the silo's were, and empty them, and then take an empty truck back to the field. Here are 2 of the 3 Semi-Trucks I was driving.

There is just something about driving a truck, 50 MPH, with 1,000 bushell of corn (56,000+ or - lbs.) in it that get's my blood flowing. "I think that is the correct figure, don't quote me though." Call me crazy, but I feel right at home in the driver seat. Good thing too, because I had to learn fast how to handle myself in that truck. After a few rough starts, I felt pretty comfortable, and was good to go.

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