Saturday, October 18, 2008

a cup of acceptance

Now, I woke up this morning at a little after 7:00. Which is a big sleep in compared to my normal routine. I had some breakfast, and briefly said hello to Dick's wife Trudy (loveliest lady you ever could meet). Then, it was off to do farm stuff. A conveyor at one of the locations had an issue. So, we went there first, and everyone ended up parting ways from there. I pretty much got in a semi-truck shortly there after. Once I had pulled up to the field we were at (approximately 15 miles or so away), I spent a little time with a gentlemen named Andy. Now, Andy is Tyler's (Dick's farm hand) cousin. He has been helping out for a few years on the farm, and is a really interesting guy. I briefly met him yesterday, but only a short hello or what not. Today, when he was unloading his grain cart into the truck, we had some time to kill. So I was talking with him for a bit. I have to explain the situation that ensued. Some people gain acceptance by being invited out to a bar or party. Others gain acceptance by being affirmed of certain work they do. Others gain acceptance by just being acknowledged. Now, I will always feel welcome and accepted on the farm. I love it so much here, and I don't think that could ever be taken away from me. But, when I went up to Andy, who I don't even know. He did something. He offered me a cup of coffee. When I took it, it was as if he said, "welcome to the team." Now, this was not his intent, but dang it came out that way in my mind. Such a cool feeling too!

Shortly after the cup of coffee, I spent a little time with Dick in the combine. It is so much fun to be in that thing. It is even cooler to see Dick harvest, and Andy pull right up next to him with the grain cart and have Dick unload while harvesting. It makes for a non-stop harvest time. Time efficiency and management. Sweet to watch too. Yes, in deedy, it is a cool sight. Shortly after this picture was taken, I hopped back in the semi and made runs till about 10:00PM or so. Enjoyed every single second of it too.

When I take the truck to the farm to be unloaded, I have about 25 minutes to kill while it empties. I will usually sweep around the bins (always needs done) or just kind of walk/explore the little nooks and crannies of the farm.
I remember when I was younger, maybe 14 or 15, I would lay on top of the corn while it emptied. I have an abundance of good memories from this place. Eventually, night fell. And the beasts of the field open their bright and powerful eyes. You can see the combine in the back ground, but this picture doesn't really do it justice. It looked so cool, the two tractors were side by side and both turned their lights in unison while driving towards me and my awaiting truck. It looked really neat.

And so, the day just had to come to an end. I didn't want it to, but the sun goes down without permission. The moon was beautiful, and seemed extraordinarily large tonight. Just icing on the cake I suppose.

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The Hands said...

Your pictures and experience make me homesick. I love harvest-who wouldn't. The smell of drying corn and the fall leaves just reminds me of home, I guess. There are so many spiritual lessons that I have learned through "farming" and gardening. It's a good occupation to be in.