Monday, April 13, 2009

14 and going STRONG!

Yes that is correct. Today I had my 14th infusion of the drug that has kept the MonSter at bay. Yes, I went to the ER and they plugged in my, count um, FOURTEENTH INFUSION (14th) of the seemingly wondrous drug Tysabri. As the slow drip, drip, drip of the medicine was taking place. I sat and pondered about just how much money my dad's insurance has pumped into my veins with this drug. I thought about how amazingly thankful I am.

I went back to the house, and waited for the Verizon guy to come and make sure our HD Set Top Box is working correctly, and he informed me that the "bug" had been fixed, and that we would not experience any more problems.

George came over too, we talked and hung out before I had to go back to work. Which, I did right at 3PM.

At work, the girls were extra touchy, mostly with me. I was bombarded!! They also told me that I needed to shave. Maybe if I wake up early enough tomorrow, I will do so. But, they all wanted to style my hair, I don't know if they knew or cared that I don't really have enough hair to style, but it did not seem to stop them in the least bit.Yes, these little ones needed some attention. So, I took them in the gym, and ran after them for a while. It got rid of some of that extra nervous energy, that seems to fill them up so much all the time. Little girls, you gotta love um. Ya see, when all the kids come into the YMCA childcare in the afternoon, I welcome them from the hallway into the cafeteria.

When I left work, I headed on to campus (IPFW). I had a 5:30PM meeting with my academic adviser. I got all my classes situated for my fall semester. It will be really good, but a super FULL BOAT. 16 hours is what I will be taking. And challenging classes too. I might have to get a Spanish Tutor. :-O But, i'll cross that bridge when it comes.

And this is the testimony: God gives us eternal life; he who has his son has eternal life, he who does not have the Son of God does not have eternal life. 1 John 5:1-5

Yesss, I just typed that from memory. I think i've got it! Pretty plain and simple.

After I met with adviser, I went to BSF. It was good tonight, but Jack, the usual lecture giver, was not here. I miss hearing him talk. He just really knows how to give it, but Keith (replacement) did a really good job in his absence.

What service or task is God preparing me to do??

That was the main question. The lecture ended with this note that I really liked.

**What ever God is prepping me for is far better than any thing I could settle for.


Megan said...

That is pretty plain and simple and I like the ending quote as well.

Anonymous said...

And this life is in His Son

Close but no cigar

Mikey said...