Friday, April 03, 2009


The day was awesome (Emphasis added). It started off at work. Today was the last day of the YMCA Spring Break Camp. I had a heck of a time there. I will share a picture from work, then briefly mention a situation that happened.I told these kids that they are going to be known as GENERATION DS. The DS is for the Nintendo DS that they spend so much time playing. A cool invention, but it sure does take up a massive amount of their time and lives.

And now that situation. You have to understand that at Spring Break Camp, the majority of the kids are from all over the city, kids that I have no background information about, or have ever even seen. So, there were two sisters. A 6 year old & a 5 year old. The 6 year old was surprisingly more mature than her younger sister. The younger one had a "freak out session" as I like to say. She did not get a ball or something to that effect from her sister during a game, and just went ballistic on her; trying to scratch her eyes out, and hit her. I had to physically restrain her from causing her sister or herself harm. I finally had to take her out in the hall, with other older children as witnesses, and just keep her in a safe area until she stopped crying and throwing a HUGE fit. I don't like playing with children like that. I'm not saying that in a way as to say it demeans my love for kids. I'm just saying it to mean that I much prefer when I don't have to participate in physically holding a child down to the ground in order to keep them and others safe.

NOW THE EXCITING PART OF THE DAY!! I got 12 tickets from a sister of a life long friend. And, well put them to good use. Myself, and another Young Life leader took 9 Young Life guys to a basketball game. The Mad Ants. It was soo cool. The guys had a great time, and it turned out to be a really good game.We had some good seats too. Everyone in the row to the right, and the kid in the upper left were all part of the gang. At the last quarter, the Mad Ants came around. They were behind the whole game, and actually getting pretty dominated. Then, the underdogs became the heroes. It was soo cool, and there were some amazing plays at just the right time. Pretty exciting game.

Through the game, they have a lot of "extra activities" to keep the fans involved and pumped. I won, "craziest fan of the game." And I had to earn it too, let me tell you!! I won a prize pack. I won a Mad Ants T-Shirt. . . . but then I won this hat, and I can't understand why. . . . Maybe someone could clue me in as to why they gave me a Milwaukee Bucks hat. Because I just can't figure it out. I will cherish the hat though.

Great day.


Sheri said...

The Mad Ants are a feeder team to the Bucks! :)

Mikey said...

Well, that makes perfect sense then. It really does. :o)