Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunday's Posteriffic POST

My parents are home safe and sound. They had a really good time, and have great pictures and stories from their Mexican vacation. I am so happy it was a good experience for them. They are tan, and just looked like they did not want to leave quite yet.

George and I went to Dave church. It was really good for the both of us. And, it was Richard's birthday celebration.

The man is looking good is he not? Notice the, "you are special" plate which puts extra importance on him. . . if only for the day. We all went a round in telling him one thing about why or how he is important to us. It was really good for George too. And as time passes, even through struggles and "set backs" I see growth, sincere growth. That is a beautiful thing to watch.

~~Drama compounded by confusion. I know what God told me. . . . why then is there doubt amidst it all. hummm, i'll have to put some thought, prayer, and seek mature Spiritual advice on this one (i'm referring to the affirmation I recieved in prayer over Tom).~~

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