Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i'm a pretty awesome dork

So get this, I discovered today that it is very difficult to eat noodles with a splork. And, yes I did Google it, a spook/fork combo is referred to as a SPLORK. There was left over food from dinner that I did not get a chance to eat last night. SO, in preparation to the fact that I was going to be at school all day + night, I took it with me.Yes, look deeply into the frustration that I ran into with my splork. Well, I mean the frustration did not go any further than, "man, these noodles keep sliding off." But, you get what i'm talking about.

After lunch, I went to my Interpersonal Communication's Class. We had our group presentation today. It went perfectly, we had 8 members in the group, and right from the get go, everyone was taking responsibility for their work, and it was just so awesome to be a part of a group where everyone put in the same amount of work. Half the grade came from our team members (we all gave each other 100%), and the other half comes from the prof. I don't see how she couldn't give us an A+, but we will see.

Then I went to work, and then to my evening business law class. I got my third test back today, and I got a 92% on it!! YESSS!!! Not a big deal. . . . but it actually is. :o)

Then I went straight to SubWay. I went inside to eat, which is something I don't usually do when I have no time. I had to eat dinner, and get straight back to a computer lab, so I could finish my Media Analysis for my Mass Comm class. But, while I was in the SubWay, I was looking at this light hanging above my head. Ya see, I saw this light. And for some reason, maybe it is because I just came from a law class where we always talk about sueing people and businesses. I started thinking to myself, "man, if this light fell from the cealing, and fell on my head and put me in a coma for like a month, I bet SubWay would settle and maybe even give me free sandwiches for life or something, then if I had free SubWay sandwiches for life, I would would totally get ripped eating super healthy sandwiches, and get my own Mikey diet instead of the Jared diet." These are the things that I think about. I am in the computer lab now, doing my BLOG. I wrote and wrote and wrote for this Media Analysis for my Mass Comm class. I just can't write anymore tonight for it. So, I decided to do my BLOG and peace out.I have been listening to Bon Iver (listen to him!!) while writing. I have been thinking a lot too. Ya see, I did my analysis over the Binghamton shooting. It is so messed up, and I was looking on Wikipedia to see the messed up letters he wrote the news stations. And then I was reading all the names of the people who he killed. My heart just broke as I read through the names. I wondered how many of them were saved, how many of them lived happy lives, how many tears were being shed for them right at the moment I was reading their names, ages, and occupations. It is hard to take in, senseless violence.

A horrible thing. Then I have to remember, that Christ died for that gunman too. He loves him, and other people like him just as much as He loves me. It only breaks my heart more, I don't possess that type of love, I want it though.

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Megan said...

i LOVE bon iver! He's so good, my cousin recommending him to me and I love his music. :)