Saturday, April 11, 2009

alright, check this out

So, today was immensely lazy. I have done that a lot this weekend. Could I have been studying for something? Well probably, there always seems to be something to study for. Was it a nice enough to go for a jog? Why yes, yes I believe it was. But, the truth to the matter is I slept in till about 12:00PM, and it felt really good. I mean, darn if the sleep did not feel soo good. And it came so natural. I think when I know that I have nothing to do, or anything to be responsible for when I wake up, my body allows me to sleep deep, and relax. Ya know, really hit that REM sleep with a vengeance.

So, when I did get up and around. I got on my BSF, as well as the study I started with George. The first verse to memorize goes along with Assurance of Salvation. I am to memorize it like this (this is what I actually say) Assurance of Salvation, 1 John 5:11-12 And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. He who has the son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life. 1 John 5:11-12. Now, the book George and I are using comes with the verses all ready to be torn out and put in your wallet to keep with you, and looked at constantly until memorized. Here is my little card I just took out of my wallet. Man, if anything is good for me to carry in my wallet, I know this would top the list, if such a list even exists.


I got to meet with my good friend Wes.
Yes, good ole Wes. He picked me up at 4PM on the dot, and we went out for coffee. I did not drink coffee, I just wanted to make that known. But, we talked about everything under the sun. We talked about God, and his girl friend. We talked about school (wes will be done in 4 weeks) and family. Things are going really good for Wes. He is not going to have a job upon graduation, but neither are a lot of people. Especially those in Wes's field, which is Business.I have to admit though, I got a little jealous after I got home. Jealous of the relationship between Wes and his g/f Jackie. Not like the kind of jealous that would make a person do something stupid or mean, but like an introverted jealousness. The kind that makes you a little down because of the reminder that you aren't anywhere near where you would like to be in a specific area of life. Which lead to sin for me personally. Because of those thoughts, it caused me to be kind of sulking in my thoughts, when I should have gone to Christ in prayer, saying, "I know you have me where you want me, and I fully trust you," I did not. I felt a little bit bad for myself, and denied myself from going to God in prayer. Stupid decision. Anytime I selfishly seperate myself from God, it is pure stupidity and selfishness at work. But, praise be to God for the grace that washes over evetything in my life, even my stupidity.

Lowlight of the day

So, I said a couple of posts back that I needed to apologize to my sister for forgetting her. Well, I did that today. It was a pretty sad conversation. I knew that I let her down, but when she talked about it, she said it in a way that really made me feel inadequate. She made me feel as if that was all she needed/wanted me for. A ride, and now that I screwed that up, she just dismissed me. I do so much for her, I love her so much, but it's almost like none of that matters. She has on her Merideth vision, and damned if it doesn't seem to pick up her familys feelings in the slightest bit. To add to that, I asked why she was not going to go with us (mother, father, & myself) to Easter at my aunts like she has done for so many many many years in the past. She said, "well I am just concentrating on getting things accomplished for court on Monday." I said, "well, Merideth, you can't get anything accomplished until Monday after you get out of court." She said, "yea I know." I said, "so then that is just an excuse you made up to get out of going to Easter with your family?" She just kind of stayed quiet. It friggin hurts, and I have gone through this hurt with her so many times. So have my parents, more times than an individual could even attempt to count. We never stop loving her though, never stop doing everything we can to help her. Does she see it? Can someone please tell me if she even realizes how much we love her?? PLEASE!

Anyways, here are some killer videos that I wanted to show. They are from the camp that I will be interning at this summer. Man they make me so pumped to leave!
~CHECK THIS ONE FIRST~ (This one opens up on internet)
~CHECK THIS ONE SECOND~ (you might need WMP or something equivalent to open)

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