Friday, April 24, 2009

picture day

I soo wish I would have had my phone with me today. But, alas, it was turned off in the basement of Dick's house. I had to turn it off because I forgot my charger at home and need a phone to wake me up in the morning. Today was so cool though. It started off by me going over to the BIN's to get anamazing shot of the sunrise. You will see all these pictures Iam talking about once I get them developed and decide which ones Iam going to use for my final project. I got some really awesome ones of Dick working in the field, and on the tractor. Some really cool pictures that are going to look really awesome. I got some serious sun today too. It's just so much fun on this farm. Dick is the definition of. . . . .

The ALL AMERICAN FARMER. I can honestly say, there is no where I would rather be in all this state (Indiana) than on this farm. There is something about it that I just can't get enough of, and always miss when I leave.

I turned on my phone just before bed time, just so I could take this picture of Dick & Trudy.



Anonymous said...

you know i was reading your blog from 2007 today before your china trip and how you were destined to be blind and disabled from your disease but two years later we hear nothing of that..that is what captivated me and made me follow you...i think you hosed everybody for a trip to china and all of a sudden you are fine and very seldom is there even a mention of you being ill outside a a comment about your tysabri..come on i might have been born at night but not last night....good for you and all your holier than thou attitude but i think you are full of played all of us and we are the dumb ones...hope dave church gave you some enlightenment tonight cause i think you are a fraud..but hey what do i know, just a unenlightened fool right....OR AM I.......Be honest

Mikey said...

I am sorry if you feel that you or anyone else has been taken advantage of. That was never my intent, and at the time, I felt China was the best option for me. It was impossible to know if it would work or not, and the individuals who donated to my cause knew that there was no guarantee of any kind.

As for my disease, M/S is not an overnight disease. It is a systematic and developmental disease that does it's damage over long periods of time. I am thankful for the TYSABRI, but even that is a dangerous medication to be on, and none of the long-term side effects are known.

I do not consider myself to be holier than thou, in fact I know that I am just as broken and sinful as the next person. I am, however, "Enlightened" in the sense that I have found Truth and put all my trust in it. It is what drives me, and allows me not to fear what the future may have in store for me, for I know that God is in control, and whatever happens, I feel confident will happen for my best interest, even if it is difficult and painful.

If you would like me to keep closer tabs on my specific health changes, such as eye sight fluxuations, cognitive impairment, and body temperature craziness, then I will make note to write them down more often.