Thursday, April 02, 2009

I cooked. . . because I had to

I am going to show a bit of my food skills, well because I just want to emphasize that I could cook if I had to. It's just that I still live at home and my mother owned and ran a catering business for 11 years, and was an amazing cook for umpteen years before that. So, it's like, "why the heck would I cook?" Anyways, my parents are in Mexico, so I have an opportunity to strut my stuff. My stuff is weak sauce compared to good cooks though.For lunch, I was feeling a legit Hot Ham and Cheese. it was pretty darn good. I forget what kind of cheese I put on it, but it was good. Not swiss, but sort of like swiss. Something tells me it starts with a C. . . . But, i'm kind of a forgetful sally when it comes to remembering super simple stuff like that. After lunch, I did my BSF Bible study. Wow, God talked to Balaam through a Donkey. I kind of took from the study of Numbers 22:1-22 among other things, that I need to be watching for God to be in anything. Now, that does not mean that I need to have the mind set of, "okay, if that window curtain blows to the left by the wind, then God wants me to move to China." No no no, that is foolishness. Yes, I do believe fully with all my heart that God spoke through a donkey to this Balaam jerk. I think I just need to be watching for God's work in all situations at any time. Even in situations that I don't think God would be in. I need to keep that eye open.

I went to my interpersonal communications class. Every time I go to that class, I look and view the prof and the class differently. I really do. I put change into a situation that needed to have a heart/mind change.

Then I came home and my cousin was removing the plastic wrap that we put around our back porch in the winter. If he wouldn't have done it, then I would have had to. He did such a good job, I decided to cook dinner for him and I. I'm real glad he didn't fall, he was hanging from some strange angles. Cook the spaghetti. Warmed the sauce. Cooked the succotash which is corn and lima beans for those of you who don't know. It was good, and my cousin said it was real good. The noodles could have been cooked just a few minutes longer, and some part of the lima beans did not square well with me. Maybe I was supposed to put something on them before cooking, I dunno, they were alright though. So, then it was time to go to class. So I did, and I found this little interesting note on the door. No class. Which was cool with me. I went and found a secluded computer lab. Then I wrote out a whole bunch of E-Mails and compiled one huge one for a reporter at a Milwaukee news paper about stem cells and all kinds of information. Now I am in that same computer lab, it is 9:29, and I am about to go home and be lazy for a bit, then go to bed.

Mobile add on

This is Aung, he is a Berma refuge. God connected us, i'm sure of it. I gave him my E-Mail & cell phone # as well as just talked with him and listened. I am adding this as a late add on to today's (Thursday's) post because it is exactly what I was talking about. Looking for God in all situations and circumstances. I don't know if Aung will contact me, I hope he does because he has an amazing story and is a great person with a bright future. But, right when I finished my BLOG post, he sat down next to me, I sat for a bit and then just asked him a question about his memory card thingy just to start conversation, the rest is history. I watched and listened though.That was obviously what I needed to do in that specific situation, and I had my "God eyes" looking if you will.


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