Thursday, April 30, 2009

I forgot to POST yesterday

Sorry about that, but just take my word, it was a really good day. And a really good club.

Today, we did something a little bit "out of the ordinary" with the kids. Ya see, two of our 5th graders are taking voilin, and had a recital. So, Andrea (boss lady) wanted me to take some of the older kids down to check it out. I did just that.

Pictured above is Ryan, and out of the picture to the left is another girl who comes to Y care. The kids. . . well, they were really happy that they got to have cookies, brownies, and punch afterwards. I took about 9 kids; I was really proud because they all behaved really well.

Once I got out of work, I went directly to school where I had to get prepared for class. I had to turn in my final project. If you look back on Friday & Saturday, you will see that I went to the FARM to take pictures of Dick.So, when I got to school, I went to the P.C. lab because that is what I always do. (humph) It was full, and I didn't have time to wait around. I made the decision to go into the APPLE lab, and use one of those computers to work on my photo's. It was the difference between night and day.

My final project was turned in through a Power Point. Above are the contact sheets with all the pictures I took. The power point had 9 pictures that told a story. The story of an average day on the farm. I was very happy with my work. I would upload those pictures that I edited in photoshop, but they are big files and this post has too many pictures anyways.

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