Monday, April 27, 2009

Friendship/God/Healing = FGH

The title to this BLOG is not meant to be some deep intertwined meaning that is hard to grasp. More like just something odd/strange off the top of my head I felt like writing. So, don't freak out.

Today was so warm at work, we took the kids outside to try to play soccer and eventually end up on the playground equipment because it was just so insanely nice out.

Then, I went home to study. Well, first I got together all the paperwork for my Internship this summer, and sent it off today. I am good to go in that department (WHOOP WHOOP)! I am so excited to go to Arizona and work at Lost Canyon. God is going to do amazing things this summer, I just know it.

Back to the study part. It was just such a nice day, that I had to take advantage of it. I studied on the screened in porch.Yes, the weather was beautiful. . . the Business Law was not. That's okay though, it's almost over.

Then, around 1:30, my friend George came over and we went through this Bible Study called Growing in Christ (A thirteen-week course for new and growing Christians). It is so awesome, it has the basic premise for what a follower of Christ is, and some foundation laying Scripture to memorize. It is good stuff. As you can see, we also did that study outside. It was just so nice out!!

Then, I went to work of course, and when I came home, my mom had gotten back from the Hospital where she had her second surgery for her foot. Which she broke over a year ago because of a slip at Menards. It did not heal correctly from the first operation, so they had to go in again. My poor mom, she was higher than a kite when I took this picture. I am just glad she is not in pain, and pray that everything heals just the way it needs to this time.

I ended the night with BSF, and it was such a great lesson. It really pounded the fact into me that I must never stop going after people in Christ. It is such an amazing gift, I must share, no I am commanded to share the Love of God with others. Even if they don't want to hear it, I must share, when at all possible. Not force feeding it to people, but making TRUTH known and living it in and through my own life.

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