Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The hair style

Okay, so yesterday I told two little girlies that I would let them style my hair. To stand true to what I said, I brought in some gel and a comb for them this morning. Below are the results. . .This is an action shot, their little hands just quickly working to try to punch out something beautiful. This picture does not do justice to the true FEAR that was in my eyes at the time.

And now we have the final product. Yes, the revealing of the wonderful hair styling.Can anyone say Alfalfa? Well, I can, and I did.

Today was good. I love it when I stay real busy, and the day goes fast. I had a test real early, then when I got out of work, I went straight to the YMCA, and worked out like crazy.

God talked to me through my BSF notes, and now I am BLOGGING. Sleep will be my next step.


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Crazymel-mel said...

Hey Mikey Kewl Hair! Great to c u Again! Your Friend,
MEL-MEL! the one & only!