Sunday, April 26, 2009

God's provision

This morning I went to Alliance Community Church. It was really cool because my parents decided to go to to ACC with me today. It was neat to have them there, but moreover it was neat to have them see why I am so attracted to that church/body of believers. Today, Brian Scott (pastor) gave a sermon about What does it mean to worship? This is so awesome, because this is right where my heart is. These were some of his key points to start off with.
True worship is. . .
  • Wanting God more than wanting relief.
  • Finding God even when you don't find answers.
  • Walking with God in the dark and letting him be the light of your soul.
Brian talked about how Christianity is not just the fire insurance the majority of our culture see's it as being. It is so much more. Jesus preached that the Kingdom of Christ is now on Earth. Brian directed us to Mark 1:14-15 and I wrote in my journal -> Repent (turn from your sinful lifestyle) and believe (accept the Truth that is here on Earth right now) the good news. Then we went further, after he expanded of course to 16-20 which says to Go, and make disciples out of the fragile jars of clay that men are. This part is really cool, one of the last verses Brian gave in his sermon was Deuteronomy 30: 6, 19-20. Which talks about God revealing to his followers what life is really all about. The "awakening" if you will. This scripture was especially neat for me to see, because when I was doing my BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) lesson(s) today, I was in Deut. 30. Pretty neat affirmation to have.

Then it was STUDY TIMEYes, FINALS are close. So close, I can almost see the finish line. I want to finish this semester off strong, so I must just DIG IN for these last couple of weeks and fill my brain. This final in my business law class is going to be over the Constitution. That is going to be a lot of tricky information, emphasis on A LOT.

Then George & I went to Dave church. It was an amazing night. Dave spelled out where we are going to be moving collectively as a body. We have the core people, who is Dave, Margie, and Rachel. Richard. Julie & Eric (and their children). Me & George. Now, except for George, the rest of us have been involved from the start. We are all in it to win it (whatever that means). And Dave talked about starting to look for a Launch team. A launch team would be individuals or families that would be willing to come along what we are doing and commit for 4 months. It would be an invitation to be a part of something God has His hand in. The launch team would play a role finicially, spiritually, or just being there for encouragement. The first Pre-Launch date is set as May 17th, and this is just to inform people about what we are about, and what God is prompting us to do. As well as a call to be a part of it.

So, then I say to Dave, "well, where is the location that this wil take place, and what time?" Dave says to me, "Well, I do not know yet." We talk about possible locations, and talk goes towards one specific location. Then George chimes in and says, "Hey, I think my dad owns that office building, I could ask him about it." Dave get's overwhelmed almost to the point of tears (which I do not think was Dave at all).

The plot unfolds further as the night progresses. It turns out that Georges dad does own that building, and told George that Lifelight Ministries (Dave Church) can use it until we find out where we want to stay, or just rent it from Georges dad if that is God's will.

This is good on many levels. Yesterday, George and I got together. George had been struggling, and I walked through the steps with him, guiding him in love and patience. George get's it, and desires sincere God honoring change. Now, I leave for Arizona on the 13th. George needs accountability, and now he God has used him to give something to Lifelight Ministries (Dave Church) that was obviously ordaned by God himself. It was amazing, and George is just as much a part of what is going on as any of the other core/starter people.

It never ceases to amaze me what God has going on. Truly amazing stuff. It just motivates me to work harder at being close to Him and seeking out His will at all times and in all things.

The night ended with me filling out and completing all the forms needed for my Internship in Arizona at Lost Canyon this summer. THERE IS A LOT OF PAPERS!

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