Monday, April 20, 2009

I don't have enough time. . .

I feel like I don't have enough time to get things done that need to get done. Yet, I still did not wake up early today to get them (things) done. No, I was lethargic and postponed things (them). The couch was my demise for most of the day. I finally got around, but my success in completion of those things that need to be completed, mostly SCHOOL. Was minimal to none. (BIG SIGH) The conference to Chicago really threw off my schedule, and though I am not regretting going, I am wishing I would have prepared better for the completion of my duties as a student. I did not have work today, because the kids did not have school for whatever reason. If I would have woke up at ohh I don't know 8AM, and gotten busy, then I would have been in a good place I feel. I did not though. And so, now I am not in a good place. Here is the finished product of skylights that my parents had put in. They look pretty darn good. The roof is not even 50% finished because of all the rain we have been having. The sealing continues to leak, and that causes tension amongst the house dwellers (parents), though slight.

Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) was really good tonight. This last week we went through Deuteronomy 1-26. It was a lot of reading, but thankfully I stayed up on it, and was not encumbered by it. I took many notes from the lecture, but this one is the one I choose to share. In the old testament, God commanded the Israelites to completely destroy the towns that God hands over to the Israelites. Completely destroy meant killing everyone, men, women, and children, and burning all the plunder. The note I took was this. . .
  • We Christians are not given the opportunity today to completely destroy a people going against God; but Jesus does give us the opportunity to love them anyways.
I took this as a direct challenge. I am not trying to say I wish I could completely destroy evil people in my life that go against God. I am saying, I need to be prepared to love people who are very difficult to love. To act in a way that would lead them to believe I am not acting on my behalf.

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