Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Uneasy inner pain.

So it was a long long day at work today. The kids had parent teacher conferences today, as well as tomorrow. This means that I go in at 6:30AM till 8:45, then come back to work from 11:15 to 6. That is a long time with almost 4o little kids, and I love it, but it is just a long time with almost 40 little kids. Today was maid especially hard at 3:18PM. Dave (from Dave church) called me to inform me that Ben Schone had taken his life. I went to school with Ben, we were in the same Youth Group, and close way back when. We had a lot of mutual friends.Although I was not super close with Ben, as of recent years anyways. I am especially disturbed by this incident, not only because of the loss of life, but because of the dramatic impact it has had on the people closest to it. His father Mike, well he was an awesome individual. I remember him well from the growing up years. Always so extremely funny and friendly. I hurt for him, and the whole family. Please, let your prayers ring out for the Schone family.

R.I.P. Ben Schone

It was difficult to go through the rest of the day at work, well mostly because when you are around little kids, being happy is pretty necessary. I just try to include it as much as possible anyway. It was hard because I was so deeply in thought and hurting for the family.

Then I went to Young Life. I picked up Ray. I had been bringing Ray last year to Young Life, and he really loves it. It is such a sweet thing. Ray lives on the South side of town, and well I am just so happy I can reach out to him, and that he feels comfortable enough to call me and ask for a ride. This is when I picked him up from his house. Josh (YL area director) gave the talk tonight. It was a pretty good look into what sin is. It was based on the idea that sin is not something that is the physical outside materialization of the sin act, but is actually a much deeper all encompassing life style. He talked about how Jesus Christ did not come to make people stop doing the bad things in life, but he came to change their hearts which lead to the change in outsidey happenings. It was a really good talk, and in my brief talk with a few kids, it sounded like it went over really well.

P.S. I do have an update on Tom, I just have to let some time pass before I mention it. If you've been following the situation, please know there are positive things happening. Please pray that they continue and that God changes heart(s).

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Karen said...

MIkey, Bob and I are so sorry to hear about your friend. We will be praying for you and their family. Hugs, Bob and Karen