Friday, April 10, 2009

Chinese buffet.

I caused some drama today. Ya see, last night I knew I did not have to work because I knew today was Good Friday. Well, when I was eating Taco Bell in my car last night I took my phone out of my pocket for whatever reason. I sat it in my car. . . . and I forgot it there. My mind was on the fact that I did not have to go to work, BUT, I did not remember the important thing that I needed to remember. I still needed to pick up my sister and take her to work. AWWWW CRAP!!! I totally forgot, my memory is horrible. My mind does not work the way it use to work, I know it sounds like a cop out, but my M/S has caused definite cognitive damage to different ways of my thinking or in this case, remembering. When I finally did get to my phone around 3PM, there was a million missed calls from my sister, and then one really nasty phone call from her girlfriend who she is currently living with. Her girlfriend does not have a car, so she uses Merideth's. She called me and said something to the effect of, "I am so angry that you forgot your sister again, Mer had to come and wake me up all upset, and it really made me mad, how dare you, you are so irresponsible, and I guess I will just take care of her on Monday's and Friday's from now on." :o( That one made me pretty angry, but it made my mom even angrier. Then I got angry at my mom for getting angry at Mer's g/f, it was all pretty stupid and caused because I and my mother choose to speak before we thought. I apologized to my mom for what I said to her, and vice versa about Mer's g/f. It was a whole lot of drama caused from me not remembering to pick my sister up.

Then, George and I went to The Anchor Room (Christian book store) to get a book/study pamplet filled with essential scripture to memorize and questions to fill out. Dave (from Dave Church) said we should work through it together. We did the first study today, and I am glad to walk through it with George. I also need to re-memorize some of the scripture. Some of it I still have memorized, but other I need to slam back in there.

Then, george and I found a new Chinese Buffet opened up right near our neighborhood. It was really good, well, except for the rice. It was undercooked and even a little bit crunchy. I mean for steamed rice, there was just something wrong. Now, it was there first day, but I figured the rice would be a shoe in. After I had paid, I politely approached the woman greeter/part owner and asked her if I could offer a suggestion. I did this while no one was around, only her and myself. I told her about the rice, and she seemed to take it very personally. I tried to do it as politely as possible. Ohh well, I will try back before I go to Arizona, and see if they get it right.

After that, George and I headed to the movie store, and got a movie I had really liked from my child hood. Sphere with Dustin Hoffman, and Samuel L. Jackson. I really liked it, but George kept finding faults with it. Ohhh George. It's all good though. I am at home now, and super tired. I believe it is sleepy time. Tomorrow I will have to call my sister and explain what happened, as well as apologize for forgetting her. I feel so stupid, but it seems if I don't have a bright and loud reminder, my mind is just incapable of remembering, no matter how many times I have done it in the past. STUPID M/S!!

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