Wednesday, April 18, 2007

holy gotAlotDONE

wowzers! A lot of people, got a lot of very important things done today in regards to my fund raiser. GO MOM, GO CHELSY, GO HEIDI, GO ME, GO BILL SCHAFFER!!!

We got music (Jazz music), items of all sorts, food, entertainment, sexy ladies, the whole schlemiel! I am so excited to see what tomorrow holds. It is going to go so perfectly, I just know it! On an even better note, I just got off the phone with Jessica Norlander!!!!! Doesn't mean anything to you? well, your an idiot. Just kidding, well, you might still be an idiot, but not for "not knowing" Jessica Norlander. I had the chance to meet this chicka on an airplane ride from Las Vegas, to St. Paul, Minnesota. She is such an awesome sole. HUGE HEART, and is a physical trainer in Vegas. Super sexy on the inside & out. She called and we talked about the Virginia Tech shooting. She is so smart, and I absolutely love hearing her take on things. I am pretty sure she likes to get my thoughts on some stuff too. So, it's a win/win situation.

So excited for tomorrow, it is going to be so so so so so good!! whoop, whoop!!!

God bless, and good night!

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