Sunday, April 15, 2007

sickness is SICK!

it is Sunday, 9:38PM. I am still a little congested, and weezy, but a heck of a lot better feeling that i was a couple of days ago. On Friday, when I was working I wasn't feeling so hott. I felt down right crappy. SO, Friday night i went to sleep. I didn't wake up until earlier this afternoon. It was prolly 12:30PM. I pretty much slept for 2 days. I locked myself in my room, or in the T.V. Room. Although there was no Television watching, no eating, or talking, visiting, or anything except laying, sleeping, and dreaming. BUT LOOK!! it paid off, i feel much much better, and i am going to be going back to work tomorrow. HORRAY!!!!

All is well.

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