Thursday, April 12, 2007


Yup, here is my buddy Evan. He is home right now from New Mexico. He is training on a huge helecoptor. Me and Evan use to be super buddies. Then like 2 years went by. AND BAM! he calls me up and next thing I know, we are eating at hooters catching up on everything. It was really good. I was quite happy

On the upper right my blog, there is a new LINK, it should be red, and say, "He's still in the game." That is the newest News Sentinel article. It is definately a must read, and I like it. I am quite happy. I am falling for Chelsy, my stem cell transplant is more than on the way, and did I mention I am falling for Chelsy? She is great, I really did know the day she got in touch with me out of no where, that it happened for a specific reason. It took me a while to figuer it out, but it happened. I have to say I am quite pleased with how everything is working out.

Today was quite cold. I was mowing grass, and seriously, i am suprised it didn't start snowing on us. I got through it though.

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