Monday, April 16, 2007


I am on super massive stress over load times 10³! This is why; this morning after a hellishly sick weekend (BECAUSE I WAS MISERABLY SICK), I get up and get around for work. I have my mom drop me off at 8:00am on the dot. I go into the shop to clock in, and immediately I am told, “Mikey, did your ride leave yet?” I said yeah, then I was told “hey, you need to go to the office, boss needs to talk to you.” I said ok, and started to walk to the office. The only sense I could make of it was that Mark Nolot, my boss had the certificate ready for me, and wanted me to give it to my mom so it wouldn’t be waiting around the shop. WOW, I couldn’t have been more wrong. It turns out there was a massive failure to communicate. I made it about half way to the office, and the bosses came out. I said, “Whats up?” Mark W. asked me where I was on Saturday, I told him I was sleeping. Then he threw this comment at me. Were you drunk? I kind of snared at him and sarcasticly said, “Yeah mark, I took up drinking again just for last Friday.” Rolled my eyes and kept walking next to him. Then he told me, well, call your ride, your going home. My jaw dropped. WHY?? He told me it was a no call/no show. New rule this year, much strict rules and punishments in regards to work related behavior. NOW, just for the record. I have never had a no call/no show. I have been working for Vision Scapes for almost a year. Huh, kinda odd don’t ya think? SO, at this point I am furious! I walk up to Robbie, told him. “Robbie, you never told me I had to work on Saturday.” Robbie says, “Yea I did, told you with the rest of um.” NOW I am completely enraged, at this time I am in the shop, in front of everyone, including new people. WOW, I wanted to make a scene, but I would have probably been fired. So, I clocked out, and walked out of there, pissed like you wouldn’t believe.
Now, to compound the situation. My big benefit dinner is this Thursday. There is so much planning going into that, I have loads of stress already on my shoulders. My mom, God bless her heart. Only made it worse, by not being on the same page as me in regards to the Chinese stem cell transplant treatment. That, and the fact that some other little things are just urcking me the way wrong way. That’s life though.

I need prayer that I stay focused on all the right things. I need prayer that I stay strong, that I not give into temptation, and that I accomplish the goals at hand.

I feel much better, venting is quite nice sometimes.

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