Saturday, July 07, 2007

Hey every body, it's 7/7/07 lets get married!

Turns out there are a lot of people who want to get married today. Maybe it's because triple seven's seems lucky, maybe it's because it's so unique, maybe it is just an easy date for the groom to remember. I dunno. My cousin didn't get married today, but today is when we had the reception for him. It was a good time, and I am happy to welcome his wife, Tanya to the family. Here is a pic. of the happy couple.
Ed Koch, from the Las Vegas Sun wrote this....
Wedding chapels are reporting record bookings for 07-07-2007 - which reduces nicely to the lucky 7-7-7 for the superstitious among us.

Clark County, which recorded 122,000 marriages last year, could host 3,000 or more weddings that day at its 40 or so wedding chapels - maybe 10 times the average. On a normal Saturday during the summer , the Clark County License Bureau says , it issues 300 to 500 licenses at $55 a pop.

She usually has her eyes open, they are really pretty eyes, and that is my bad for not checking the picture until just know while I am looking at it on my BLOG. My bad! It was a good time too. They had tables set up and what not, my mom cooked some good food, and it was just a really good family time deal.

Yea, that was the jist of it. Also, to push the fun over the edge, there was KAROKE!! And, just to prove the fact that I have the cutest little cousins on the face of the earth, I recorded some of their singing time, and posted it on YOUtube so you can all enjoy it like I did.

My favorite part of the day was definately the drive to the reception, and the drive home from the reception with my dad. We had simple talk, but it was a really easy environment for me to talk to him. I love my dad to death, but sometimes we let the simple grind of life get in the way of talking like normal people, especially son and fathers do. So, I got to tell him how I feel about certain things. Like how I wasn't even going to consider college, until I had a car and what not taken care of. So, I told him that # 1 on my important list of things to do was save up and buy a good car. He didn't seem to react with too much not okayness. So, today was good. Ohh yea, the bakery that my dad is working at right now for his summer job(he is a teacher) is going to try to interview me. That would be great if I could start working there. I could save up some Buck$ there. :-)

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