Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday, feels like Tuesday.

Yea, so today I finished my alcohol classes. It was a long day in a small room. But, I ended up getting a lot out of it, and I am thankful for the classes. It's always good to have a reminder and a little accountability, whatever the form may be. Today felt like a Tuesday to me because yesterday felt like I was starting out the week, and Today felt like the day after the start of the week. LOL. Kind of threw me off, but it's all good.
After alcohol class me and Chris went fishing with some of my other friends. Check it out.
That is Chris there with the pole, I was fishing off a small dock most of the time. Behind Chris is my friend Fink, and one of his buddies. There were like 3 other guys, and we had a good time. Well, everyone but Chris ended up pissed off. Chris cought 3 fish, no one else cought any at all. AHHHH, lol. it was funny and still really fun. I am going to go watch some T.V. and pass out soon, hopefully at the beginning of the week I will hear from the bakery and get a good job, and get PaId. ;-)

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