Sunday, July 08, 2007

Trains, Church, HOTT!

Church was really good today, good message, saw some good people. People like Anne Willy, and Kara. Friend's from high school. I really like Pathways. After that, I get home, take off my shirt and start mowing. Now, our lawn mower is from the cave man days. It weighs I think about 2,000 pounds, and wow she is a beast. It is like 96 out, and I was sweating like a pig. Not only the front yard, but the back, which has grown dramatically in the past year. It's a really nice yard, it just needs a riding mower and some good lines. ;-)

After that, I hang out around the house. Then Chris comes over at about 7:00PM and we watch Ice Road Truckers, on the history or discovery channel. watched that forever, then I put out the great idea, "hey Chris, why don't we go shoot bottle rockets at cows?" He was a bit reluctant, but finally agreed to give it a try. We looked and looked out in Amish country, but couldn't find any good targets. So, then we just went out on a midnight drive in the country. Came upon a rail road track, and I made him stop and wait for it. Then I got these cool pictures.

Okay, this picture is one I took first. I am standing on the tracks, and the train is pretty far off in the distance. But, you can see the rail road tracks, and the bright light. Okay, now at this point, the ground is starting to shake, and the train is approaching fast. I have moved off the tracks directly, and my heart starts to beat faster. Pretty cool shot if I may say so myself. Now, this picture is by far my favorite out of the three. It would probably suck if I wasn't so good at explaining it. At this point, the train is passing, probably at about 55 or 60 MPH. If you look closely at the picture you can see the rail road sign that I am pretty much holding onto. The reason for the big red blurr in the middle of the picture, is from the rail road sign on the other side of the train. Right when I took the picture, the sign close to me was not lit, but the sign on the other side was lit. So, it in turn created a huge blurr on the screen. The ground was shaking violently, and I just love standing close to big trains. It is such an adreline rush!

My day was good, hopefully tomorrow I will hear from the backery. TA TA

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