Monday, August 03, 2015

That was a close one

Hilary and I had a great weekend. It was great because my parents came down from Fort Wayne to our house in Lexington. They got here on Friday, and left this morning (Monday, August, 3). It was a fun weekend because we had tickets to the Red's VS. Pittsburgh game on Saturday. Beautiful weather, great crowd, and a very very fun time. However, it was a very long drive up there because we ran into some crazy traffic on our way up I-75N . . . . . 


So, as we are sitting in traffic, my parents start talking about this & that. One thing leads to another, and my mom says, "Remember when you had that BLOG?" My response, "Yea, of course I remember." My mom then says, "Well I used to really enjoy that BLOG, you wrote in it almost every day, it was great." At this point I am frantically searching my brain for a way to lead the conversation away from talking about my BLOG. The last thing I want Hilary thinking about is my BLOG. . . because what if she decides to go and take a peek at it, ya know, to read through some of my old posts?!?!?!? If she checks the BLOG, the element of surprise for this trip is RUINED!!! It's silent for a moment, and then Hilary says to me, "Ya know, you should start blogging again." I quickly, and passively acknowledged her comment, and moved the conversation in a different direction. . . .

*** UPDATE *** Hilary has scheduled herself to work on Friday, August 14th all morning & early afternoon. I got in touch with her supervisor, and I am fairly certain that Amy G is going to get it all taken care of. I should know more towards the end of the week. I have gotten a great price for a rental car, and everything is set for a August 13 departure date. HERE WE GO!!!!

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