Thursday, November 16, 2006

heart ultrasound

Didn't work today because of rain. I went to fort wayne cardiology at 9:45 for a doc. appointment. It was really awesome, i got to see my heart pumping and pushing blood, it was amazing. I think i have a good heart. Nice and healthy. Man, i can't concentrate. I am so tired, i actually fell asleep just a lil bit watching the movie Posidon. It was awesome, it has been so long sense i have been able to do that. HORRAY! ohhh, also, the heart ultrasound was called an Echocardiogram. It was pretty amazing to see the valves in my heart opening and cl0sing at a rapid rate. Very cool.

That is what it looked like, you could see all 4 chambers, and everything. I just saw God written all over it. It was moving so perfectly, such a balance. How can you look at something like the human heart and not see christ???? I have to go to bed, it is only 8:30p.m. but i am going to fall asleep at the computer.

ohhh yea, and if you want to be entertained for hours, play this game. it iz amazing. ;)

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