Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tatoos, Roller derby, and New friends.

Okay, today was really fun. I worked with my brother in law to be, and Mierza. He is Boznian. and a really good guy. we have always gotten along good, and worked together well. But never really hung out after work too much. Well today after work, he took me home, i got cleaned up, then we went back to his house. He showered up and then we went to the Roller Dome North, tried to find that red head, but she wasn't there. I feel kind of stupid, but seriously she told me to stop by practice some time. What a little floosey, Moral here, never trust a red head????

but anyways, about my friend from work, we hung out here and there, and all that good stuff, Then i got him an art pad, and some sketching pencils. The reason i bought this for him is because he is an amazing artist. He agreed to draw my tattoo for me. It's awsome, i have known what i have wanted for years, but i am not artistic at all, so i could never get it right, Mierza is the perfect artist for me. He can take my words and put them into picture. I have total faith the tattoo will come out perfectly.

He made this picture, isn't that amazing? Seriously this guy has skill. I am actually kind of excited to see what he comes up with. I would tell you what i want my first tattoo to be, but i am not going to. It's to awesome. I am just going to wait.

I go to the Indiana Center For M/S tomorrow. It's a good thing too cuz my body has been acting weird. My friggin right eye twitches all the time, and my arms and legs are getting really shaky. It is frustrating. But all is well. :)

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